Footwear Fashion Colors for Spring 2013

Like the season it represents, the fashion color for Spring 2013 has a lot of fun, energy and life in it. The vibrant mood of this season is best shown through colorful fashion statements from shoes, dresses, tops, bags to trendy accessories. Experiment with these lovely colors and enjoy spring in a colorful way.

Spring is usually a season of bright shiny colors, but this year it is a little mix of mellow greens, darker blues and lemony yellow. This will allow you to mix and match different hues to create a relaxed but happy ensemble. Check out these spring ready shoes and see what will look best with your spring outfit this year.

Spring 2013 Fashion Colors:


Emerald Ankle boots

Lively, radiant, and elegant Emerald green is Pantone’s color of the year. Energize your simple wardrobe with this color and create a luxurious look that’s totally appropriate for this season. Like the precious stone, emerald green radiates beauty, energy and exquisite taste.

Fashion icons love emerald green because of the harmonious and lively feeling it creates. If you want to make that impression when you walk inside a room, wear this emerald platform pumps from Breckelle’s. It goes with suede upper, an almond toe and rhinestone decorated high heels. Wear it with white pants and blue top then seal you spring ready look with some splash of yellow accessories for a casual and trendy look.

Mint Green

Mint Green Ankle Boots Adding a mint green to your outfit will give you a chic and vintage feeling yet it will brighten up your look in a subtle way.

Wedge loving ladies will surely love these booties from Bamboo. This wedge boots with laced up front has a hidden platform and a round toe. This footwear is definitely a fun and cool way to jumpstart your spring.

Another minty fresh selection this season is this wedge sneaker by Liliana. These lace-up kicks feature a rhinestone decorated tongue, plus a stretchable laces that goes all the way to the back forming a dainty bow tie.

Lemon Yellow

Mint Yellow shoes

A more toned down yellow will take center stage this season. If you are not a fan of bright poppy yellow, Lemon Zest is for you. The mellow feeling of this hue gives out a refreshing vibe and will surely give your outfit a fun twist.

Lemon zest works well with other citrus color like orange and green. Pair your Lemon Zest platform pumps with this mint green peplum skirt with bold floral print for a spring appropriate outfit. You can also wear it with your favorite white blouse and accessories for a perfectly put together look.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Boots

Blue comes in stronger darker shade this year. Cobalt is some shade nearer to navy blue and will look good with warm oranges, light grays and crispy white. Cobalt blue fills the room with bright and happy feeling in a sophisticated way.

Wear an eye catchy look with this wedge boots that spells fun and comfort at the same time. Use sparingly with whites, lemon yellow or white for a more polished and vibrant way.

Finding the color that suits you will let you enjoy shopping for spring like never before. Use this color trend as a guide and choose your spring ready outfit without any hassle. Enjoy mixing and matching your clothes and enjoy this season in a fun and colorful way like never before.


35 thoughts on “Footwear Fashion Colors for Spring 2013

  1. Call me partial to wedges again, but I absolutely adore the cobalt blue and mint green palette. No doubt emerald stilettos you chose, are a hands-down fantasy, but still I’d stick with deeper, more influential cobalt blue shade. Being so basic, I’m sure I can find many styles to suit my various dresses.

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