Fashionable Flats for Ladies

Blazer-Long-Red-Oxfords-Gold-BettySummer is all about taking a break, having a well-deserved rest and being carefree. This is also the perfect time for relaxation, family getaways and vacations. If you are already dreaming about enjoying the sun, the weather and nature, now is the right time to look into your closet for the right footwear for this time of the year.

We are all thinking of rest even before this season, but how about giving our feet some much needed break from high heeled wedge boots and let’s change into some flat bamboo shoes. Don’t worry about not being too fashionable and sexy when you’re not standing on that pedestal, you can still be very trendy and chic by just choosing the right footwear that will flatter your feet well enough.

Mary Jane Flats

Mary Jane Flat Shoes

Rekindle the young girl in you with these adorable maryjane flats. Be playful and outgoing with these cute shoes and enjoy all the activities you’ve avoided ever since you fell in love with high heels.

Comfy Moccasins

Moccasin Flats

Let loose this weekend with moccasin flats. This traditional North American footwear can let your feet relax even more. The soft sole of this basic footwear can let you explore the wilderness while allowing you to feel the ground. Although more popular to men, moccasins are now available in ladies’ design and style.

Ballet Flats

Cross Strap Nubuck Flats

More commonly known dolly shoes this footwear is derived from women’s ballet slipper with very thin heels and soft appearance. Appropriate for long walks, this flat bamboo shoes will give you more time to walk and go anywhere you want. Available variations include plain ballet flats, with rhinestones, spikes, floral prints or cute accessories.

Oxford inspired shoes

Laced Suede Oxford Flats

Who says we can’t be boyish sometimes? This oxford inspired footwear is both boyish and stylish at the same time. Runway models and celebrities are spotted wearing these comfy shoes. Girls were all crazy with this kind of shoes that different style and colors are now available everywhere. Grab a pair of this and walk your way to a great day.

Set aside a few bucks from this month’s budget and head to the nearest spa. Scrub your feet, get some massage and color those toe nails. Show your feet some love and slip into a worry free, hassle free flats that will let you run, jump and enjoy without worrying about straining your legs.

Enjoy a fun filled adventure this summer with these fashionable shoes. These shoes can be purchased online at There are lots to choose from from ankle boots to wedge boots to Espadrilles.

8 thoughts on “Fashionable Flats for Ladies

  1. The Mary Jane flats are so nice! I know what gonna be my next purchase!!! Thanks for the article Scarlett 🙂

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