Footwear that Goes Well with your Mint Green Jeans

Mint green is one of the most popular colors during spring. It’s fun, cool and totally chic. But because of its bright and poppy color, there are only limited ways on how you can wear mint green. But if you have the confidence and the spirit of fun that is perfect for this season, this color is definitely for you!

Fresh looking and definitely youthful, mint green is totally great when pulled off the right way, but can be a disaster when worn with the wrong color. When it comes to shoes, there are number of colors and shoe styles that can fit with your mint green jeans.

I’ve searched the internet for some fabulous outfits that can give you some inspiration on how to wear mint green jeans with ankle boots or sneakers . Take a look!

Booties and Ankle Boots

Ankle boots for mint green pants

Fashion blogger Bonnie Barton of worn a combination of coral pink and mint green while wandering around NYC. Her spring-summer look is a perfect example of how colorful outfits can still be fashionable and classy. She paired it with black booties with buckles for a relaxed and laid back look. Sealed with red lipstick, mint green nails and chic accessories, Bonnie definitely looks neat and adorable.

footwear for mint green jeans

TheGoodgirlgoneblog also posed with her mint green jeans and black ankle boots. She also shared her requirements when looking for pastel jeans. For her it should be reasonably priced, petite friendly, good quality and good fit.

Splash of Blue

blue high heeled shoes with green jeans

Give your feet enough attention by wearing blue high heeled shoes over mint green jeans. Like the fashion blogger from,a blue pumps can give fun and creative twist to the more subdued combination of your outfit.

Red Sneakers

wearing mint green jeans with red sneakers

If you think mint green is so dainty, how about wearing it with red converse for a more boyish and casual look. Sarah from wore her mint green jeans with denim tops. This style is perfect when you’re going for a stroll downtown or when hanging out with friends. It will just make you feel more comfortable and fun while still being stylish and fashionable.

With the right color combination, you can definitely pull off a look that is perfect for this season. If you’re already a fan of this colorful jeans, or just thinking of buying these trendy jeans you can also try doing some mix and match of your favorite fashion items just like the fashion bloggers I mentioned above. Ankle boots, pumps, or sneakers can be a great pair for your mint green shoes as long as its color is a compliment to the color of your tops or other accessories.

22 thoughts on “Footwear that Goes Well with your Mint Green Jeans

  1. Great post ! i like how you use other fellow bloggers as examples ! I don’t have mint green jeans but now that i see this , i need to get a pair ! they all look super cute and each style is different ! definitely a fan of pastel jeans >_<


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