How to Wear Floral Print Dress

Floral print dresses are seen all around the town ready for the spring and summer season. The bursting of floral designs in dresses even in wholesale shoes for women and other accessories added some vibrant colors to the usual spring look. When worn the right way, it can give any woman a younger, fresher and more energetic vibe that perfectly suits this season.

Floral dresses come in different style and cuts. From small floral print to bigger and bolder designs, this trendy outfit can fit anyone who loves to put something feminine on their look. More popularly known as a casual wear, floral prints usually appear in maxi or short dresses, flowy summer dress or more intimate cocktail dress.

Take a break from your dark leggings, tights or skinny jeans and give your fashion ensemble a brighter twist this spring. Thinking about what shoes to wear with your floral dress? Here are some fashion ideas on how you can look good in floral dresses.

Pair Floral Prints with Nude shoes

This combination of peplum dress and nude pumps with brown ankle straps is a great way to wear floral dress. Your little black dress doesn’t have to be plain or boring anymore. Freshen it up with floral prints that can give a flirty twist to your usual evening look. The peplum waist makes the silhouette more modern while a little see through on the front added a sexier vibe to this look.

Tone it down with lace up boots

Floral Corchet Insert Dress

Floral print dress can be bright, bold and busy so it’s nice to tone down the ultra-feminine feeling of your look by wearing brown lace up ankle boots. It still gives you a natural look but draws the attention away from your dress and tone down the overall busyness of your outfit. Just choose one more accessory like an earring or a bracelet to seal off this look and you’re almost ready for spring.

Create a beautiful contrast with your shoes

Floral Petticoat Belted Dress

Wearing shoes with contrasting color against your dress is a great way to make your floral outfit more fashion forward. In this case, the purple multi floral petticoat dress doesn’t have big and bold print on it so you can stylize your outfit with a neon pumps with transparent sides and ankle strap. Want to make it more office ready? Grab your favorite blazer or cardigan for a more professional look.

Be rugged and edgy with spiked boots

Floral Motif Dress

Just because you’re wearing an ultra-feminine look doesn’t mean you can’t wear your spiked boots anymore. Create an edgy twist to your usual floral outfit and have that “don’t mess with me” look even in that dainty little floral dress. You can also try the Monochrome Look.

No matter what your personal style is, there is always a way to wear floral dresses. By choosing the right shoes and accessories, you can create a look that celebrates the fun and spirit of spring season.

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42 thoughts on “How to Wear Floral Print Dress

  1. I love love love the first outfit ! with the nude heels and ankle straps ! its perfect, because i tend to wear floral dresses alot so i need ways to mix and style them up so it’s not too boring ! I will definitely use these tips (:

    xoxo Rei Rei

  2. Half my wardrobe is floral dresses, haha. I like to keep it sweet through-and-through, I never understand why people feel the need to “toughen” up girly pieces, but that’s just me. 🙂

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