Wedge Sneakers: Love it or Hate it

wedge sneakers

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It’s undeniable that wedge sneakers are now everywhere just like wedge ankle boots. Store windows in different shopping malls are filled with sneakers that have this mysteriously hidden wedge heels. From being just boyish footwear that boasts everything about comfort, sneakers now come in extra feminine colors and details plus a height enhancing wedge.  If you’re a girl who loves sneakers and wedge heels separately, how do you like this unlikely union? Do you go for it? Or just leave it alone for now?

On my way to work, I always see this gigantic billboard with a girl wearing a cute pink wedge sneakers and a huge text that says “Wedge makes you look taller”. I can’t agree more that wedge heels can make your legs appear longer and leaner. Aside from that, it is the safer and healthier alternative for stiletto shoes. But when it comes to sneakers, there is a lot of hesitation about adding a tall heel in supposedly comfortable footwear.

Another concern is how this fashion footwear can be priced as much as $600! Thankfully, more affordable brands like Bamboo shoes are also available in the market.

Why it is a hit

celebrities wearing wedge sneakers

Chloe Moretz and Britney Spears wearing wedge sneakers

Wedge sneakers are being worn with edgy and ragged outfits by a lot of girls. They also wear it as a chic and fun addition to casual wear. When asked what they love about this new trend, they say that it’s about the comfort of being able to wear heels without the strain on your legs. The padding on the sneakers provides more comfortable support on the ladies’ feet and allows more movement compared to other heeled shoes.

Added height

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What made these wedge sneakers a hit is the style that makes it look like you’re not wearing any heels at all. Although it may look a little bulky and slouchy sometimes, finding a cute pair that you will love is still possible.

How to wear it

Pairing Bamboo wedge sneakers with miniskirts and loose tops is a good way to wear it. You can also put on skinny jeans in complementing colors with your sneakers plus little feminine accessories. Other way to wear it is by throwing in some varsity jacket for a more fashionable and sporty look.

When to wear it

wear weadge sneakers during summer

It’s best to wear wedge sneakers during summer or spring seasons

Traditional sneakers are usually worn inside gym or when running but these wedge sneakers are more than that. Although it cannot perform the sportier job of usual rubber shoes, it can be worn with girly outfits and casual wear. It is best to be worn during spring or summer or just when you want to look fashionable in a cute but boyish way.

Trends may come and go but who knows until when these wedge sneakers will stay. If you’re hesitating about spending a fortune for this one of a kind footwear, why not start with the affordable brands and try if your feet will love this fun invention.

37 thoughts on “Wedge Sneakers: Love it or Hate it

  1. I love the wedges!! I’ve been seeing these in stores and didn’t know if I could pull them off. You gave some great examples on how to wear them, I’ll have to give it a shot!

    Jillian (IFB) xoxo

  2. I didn’t like the wedge sneaker when I saw the first ones by Ash, but they have since grown on me and I think I might just treat myself to a pair. Lovely blog. I love your theme!

  3. I honestly didn’t like them at first because I didn’t think they’d suit me! But I tried them on last week and decided I NEEDED a pair! Lovely post x

  4. I really like these sneaker wedges but I would never wear them as I have nothing in my closet that fits with sneaker attire! I love seeing people wearing them but sadly it wouldn’t suit me at all!

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