How to Spring Clean Your Closet


It’s spring time once again! It only means it’s time for another round of spring cleaning in your house, in your room and ultimately in your closet. While it’s a big thing to clean the whole house, it is equally important to clean your closet to ready your wardrobe for warmer weather that is brought to us by spring.

As we look forward to the more sunny days this spring, it’s fun to get things more organized by preparing your spring clothes and keeping the winter outfits back in the storage. This way, you can make room for new clothes as you shop for more trendy items this season. Ultimately, now is the right time to fold, and take away the clothes you no longer fit for your lifestyle or personal taste.

Here are some tips than can help you go through spring cleaning your closet.

Take it one at a time

It’s sometimes overwhelming to do spring cleaning especially if you have a truck load of items inside your closet. To make sure that you are going to finish cleaning, try doing it by category, say pants, tops then finish off with your boots and shoes. This will keep you motivated and will make organizing things easier.

Out with the old, in with the new

Sort your things in three parts: To repair, to donate, and to keep. We all know that this is the most tedious part of spring cleaning but determining which ones to keep and which ones to donate can declutter your closet and can make room for more items in your wardrobe. Now is also the best time to mend old clothes and take your shoes to cobbler for repair. Clean your calf boots or knee high boots before storing it away and put boot shapers to keep them in shape.

Plan storage system

Since you will be keeping away most of your winter clothes, it’s important to plan storage system that will allow you to keep your things in an organized manner. Buy plastic container boxes for your heavy sweaters, tall boots and fur coats. Get smaller containers for accessories and jewelry that is not appropriate for the season. Carefully choose which ones to store away and which ones to keep in your closet so you won’t have to open your storage boxes just to look for a pair of socks or pants.

Get Ready for Spring!

Put your tall boots away and bring out your trendy ankle boots because this season is all about having fun. Add more colorful items in your clothes such as belts, jewelry, hats and shades for a fabulous spring fashion. Plan your spring outfit by mixing and matching different items in your closet to make sure that all your clothes fit your style and taste.

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