Travel in Style: 5 Shoes to Wear on Your Getaway

It’s true that good shoes will take you to places, but more than that, gorgeous shoes can make you travel in style. If you are an outgoing woman who loves to explore great things and places, getting the right shoes that can make you travel comfortably is definitely a must have.

While we are enjoying spring and getting ready for summer, now is the best time to plan our weekend getaways and vacation. But before we go crazy about all the planning and booking, let’s look at our shoe collection and look for the best pair of shoes that can accompany us to our great adventure.

Whether you want to relax on the beach or commune with nature through mountain climbing, wearing the right footwear can make your day more memorable and safe. In case you’re looking for ideas on what to wear for your vacation, here are some gorgeous pieces that can make you travel in style this season.



Nothing beats the comfort of a pair of sneakers when you’re traveling. It can make long walks and drive easier on your feet and the support it can give is enough to let you enjoy a whole day of walking and strolling. The best thing about sneakers is that it never goes out of style and no matter where you go it will always look trendy and smart. Plus it can be easily paired with pants, skinnies, leggings, shorts or denim skirt that bringing a pair of sneakers let you different outfits with one chic pair of shoes.



Look your best inflat ankle boots or over the knee ankle boots and enjoy traveling while still being fashion savvy. Wear a pair of flat boots for utmost comfort throughout the day. Traveling in cowboy boots or flat calf boots can be fit for a long day of road trip to protect your feet from the longtime walking or standing. Pair it with jeans, and light polo and sunglasses for a spring outfit.

Espadrille Flats


Who doesn’t want to travel in airy and comfy shoes? Espadrille shoes are made from breathable materials that are perfect for outdoor fun. It is also light weight and can let you walk or even run without straining your foot.

Cut out Doll Shoes


It’s cute; it’s stylish and definitely comfortable.  Include a pair of doll shoes when you pack your things for an overnight stay at the nearest resort or even when traveling overseas. It’s won’t occupy a big space on your luggage plus it’s easy to pair with your basic clothing.

Jelly Sandals

jelly-sandalsBright and colorful jelly slippers are available this season to make your beach wear more fun and exciting. Don’t forget to pack a pair of thong slippers or loop sandals on your next getaway for a stylish spring summer outfit.

Are you ready for your next getaway? Let us know about your favorite shoes to wear when traveling to your favorite destination.

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