4 Fun Ways to Wear Printed Leggings

Buying a nice pair of printed leggings can be a fun addition to your wardrobe. If you just know how to style it, you can wear it to casual dates, Saturday night parties, to a weekend getaway or even to office. It can go from laid back to adventurous and it can make you look cool without having the effort to pull off a complicated outfit. Just wear your favorite printed leggings, wedge boots, plus a plain top and you’re good to go.

But if you don’t know how to go around wearing printed leggings, read on because we are here to provide you with some fashion inspiration for your everyday outfit. So stand in front of your closet and pick up different pieces because we’re going to teach you how to mix and match with printed leggings.

Wear it Everyday


If you’re just going for a walk, doing an errand or will stop by the supermarket for some boxes of milk, you can wear a printed legging, loose white shirt, your favorite summer sandals and big eco bag. Who said that you have to have a big reason to dress up while you can look cool anytime of the week?

Wear it to Work


Just because printed legging can look so outrageous sometimes, it doesn’t mean that you cannot include it in your office attire. If want to tone down your outfit and avoid unnecessary attention, make sure to wear tops without too much details and color. This will give you a neat and elegant look. Printed leggings can also be paired with sandals, ankle strap pumps or black wedge boots. Throw in some blazer or cardigan to make things more formal for the office environment.

Wear it on a date


More formal prints like leopard or zebra can be quite great for more semi formal events like dates, casual corporate events and other fun activities. Look for a cute top that has complimenting colors with your printed leggings and match your accessories accordingly. The key in pulling off this look without overdoing it is that you have to let your leggings shine so keep other items in your outfit in neutral color.

Wear it to a Party


The best thing about printed leggings is that it allows you to be creative with your outfit and can give you a lot of room to experiment. You have all the freedom to combine different items, mix and match until you find the one that suits your craziness and boldness. There’s no better way to grab people’s attention than a carefully put up outfit. So if you’re ready to party, wear your printed leggings, high heeled pumps, and fancy accessories.

There is a wide array of printed leggings available in online stores and shopping boutiques everywhere giving you a lot of choices on what to wear everyday. Don’t forget to bring around your shopping buddy so you’re sure to get the best one that works you!

21 thoughts on “4 Fun Ways to Wear Printed Leggings

  1. As always your posts are extremely helpful to me 🙂 what happens if you have wide-ish hips? Won’t leggings just accentuate that?

  2. You must really love fish. Thanks for this post. It was very helpful, but I don’t think I would never be able to wear leggings with any top tucked in it. My hips are too big.

  3. I love printed leggings!! They definitely brighten up an outfit. 🙂 My favourite combination would be wearing it with an oversized knit sweater since its cold most of the time where I’m from!

      • I’m from Vancouver, Canada! But we’ve been lucky this summer and we’re getting some summer heat over on this end! The weather changes are so unexpected and drastic!

  4. Always been hesitant to try out the printed legging. But these ideas are very doable and cute! 🙂 I’m from Canada too. It’s boiling in Edmonton, they say it’s similar to Seattle.

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