The Style and Simplicity of White Shoes

A lot of women may be anxious with just a thought of wearing white shoes. Perhaps, it’s mainly because white shoes are the hardest to maintain when it comes to cleanliness and quality. The thought of having to clean your shoes everyday can cause a little hassle but the way it can brighten up any of your outfit is enough to convince you to purchase a pretty pair of white shoes.

White is the most popular color of shoe that is usually paired with traditional wedding gowns. It is used as a symbol of simplicity and purity of the bride. But for the fashion savvy, white shoes is the new neutral shoes that can be worn with any outfit. And the best thing is that it can be worn without any outfit that has no white in them.

How to Wear White Shoes

Winter Wonder


A chic pointed white bamboo shoes can be worn anytime of the year from the chilly autumn to fun and sunny summer. On colder months, you can wear a pointed toe pumps with jeans or skinny jeans, a sweatshirt and a stylish coat. Take inspiration from this lady who wears her basic fall outfit but still looks fresh and youthful on white pumps.

Summer Fun


When the heat is on, you need to wear something that is refreshing, youthful and easy. A white shoes over a floral dress is totally summer ready and can make you fit into a hassle-free, no fuss fashion. Go against the rules and wear white sneakers over your favorite summer dress and enjoy a carefree summer.

Keep it Short and Simple


If you happen to have a fair skin wearing white lace-up ankle boots over a short denim shorts can make your legs look longer and leaner. And since you’re wearing footwear in neutral colors this will allow you to wear colors when it comes to your outfit and accessories. Just look at the way this girl put on a white top, denim shorts, white pumps and nude bag. An orange blazer is enough to brighten up her outfit. Simple yet classy, that is.

 In the Office


Black shoes can be boring or even rough when paired with some outfit but white can be paired with pretty much anything. It can soften up business attire and can turn your usual office wear into something chic and fun. Look at how Cameron Diaz donned a pencil cut navy blue skirt and white top. The white shoes just fit perfectly and created a clean look.

Don’t worry about looking like you’re walking the aisle or wearing a nurse’s uniform. Just go for white bamboo shoes that have stylish cut or modern twist then you can mix and match your outfit effortlessly. Go and get yourself white pumps, sandals or even ankle booties and soon you’ll fall in love with the style and simplicity of this footwear.

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