Street Style Fashion Guide: How to Wear Denim Shorts

There is something enchanting about wearing something that will give you a little bit of masculinity but will allow you to be chic and trendy at the same time. It’s like the perfect mood setter if you just want to have a laid back and worry free day out in the street and off to your summer destination. What used to be the intended for working men is now transformed into something that can be worn anytime, any day.

Whether you’re a petite lady with skinny legs or a chubby chic with fuller extremities, there is a lot of way to enjoy wearing denim shorts. Let us take a look at some of these photos for some quick inspiration on this trendy street wear.


 For Petite ladies, wearing a flowy blouse or folded long sleeves polo is a great way to style a denim shorts. When opting for a more casual look, layering is a good way to go. Wear a white top over a red blazer or denim jacket. This will add more volume to your body and can make your legs more slender. Another chic way to wear denim shorts for petite ladies is to wear it with mid calf ankle boots that can highlight your legs more.

Some ladies who have a pear shaped body type might feel denim shorts are not for them. But if you know how to style it and you have flawless legs to show off there is absolutely no reason to avoid this street style.


 Go for denim shorts that fell just at the middle of your thigh. Too long and you’ll look even shorter and your legs fuller. One fashion trick that you can always use when wearing denim shorts is wearing a cute thin belt and tucking up your tops for a more polished look. Wear wedge pumps in nude color to further elongate your legs.


 Long ladies with endless legs should have no problem wearing denim shorts. Just remember to wear darker shades of denim shorts and tuck out your top to create a fun balance to your over all look. A dressy mid calf boots or knee high wedge boots can also look good on you. Emphasize your best asset like your legs and keep it flawless as you are.

Just remember some basic rule when wearing denim shorts. Cover up the upper body and avoid showing off some cleavage and let your legs take all the attention. Also be easy on the shortness of your legs. Wearing it short doesn’t mean too short.

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5 thoughts on “Street Style Fashion Guide: How to Wear Denim Shorts

  1. Thank you! It’s sometimes hard to wear denim shorts classily.. I like the middle one as weird as it sounds. Really good posting! keep up the great work 🙂

    -Addie from Will Code For Clothes

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