What to look For in Women’s Shoes

Women’s shoes are a multi-million dollar industry.  Women just love their shoes that so many TV shows, magazine articles, movies and books things have been done about them.  A woman’s right to shoes has been cemented in popular culture; thus, we have people like Carrie Bradshaw of the now-classic TV show Sex and the City and Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines who made owning thousands of pairs of shoes in vogue.  There’s just something about wholesale women’s shoes that make all the ladies want to have a lot of them.


The assortment of women’s shoes may be one of the reasons why their wearers cannot seem to have enough of them.  Since there are so many styles in wholesale women’s shoes, the ladies seem to be compelled to have at least one pair of all styles.  Of course, a lot of money has to be spent to have a pair of these shoes.  Besides, can you really have that many shoes? What will you need to have if it’s crunch time and you will need to choose only one pair? What styles of wholesale shoes are appropriate for your taste and the occasion?

For those want to adapt a younger, casual and more carefree look, you should definitely look into sandals.  Choosing sandals would be similar to shoes, which means your selection would depend on how you usually match various clothes, which ultimately boils down on how high the heel is.  Flip flops should only be worn on the beach and very casual occasions.  Of course, if you are contemplating on wearing sandals, make sure you have had your toes cleaned.  Go ahead and have your pedicure! You wouldn’t want to be wearing sandals with mangy-looking toes, in plain sight of everyone.

On the other hand, if you want to wear closed shoes with an edge, then boots should be your shoes of choice. They are best worn with skinny jeans or long or short dresses.  Women searching for boots should go for those that do no cut the thickest point of their leg.  Something that ends just below the knee would be very sexy, although some find ankle boots fashionable.

Of course, if you are an office girl, you need to select a whole lot of pumps from the collection of wholesale women’s shoes. The wise thing to do would be top get three colors: a pair of black ones, a pair of nude ones, and a pair of brown ones. These colors are supposed to be very complementary toward any kind of office outfit.

There you go! Be on the lookout for these kinds of shoes when you go shoe shopping and have a grand time.

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