Fashionable Wedge Boots Under $20 at Makemechic

Because you loved it so much, here’s another post on affordable and fashionable shoes you can have for $20! Here we go!

For ladies who are having a hard time maintaining a model like posture and balance, wedge heels are heaven sent. But for those budget conscious ladies who are crazy about booties, wedge high heeled boots under $20 is a miracle. Now, you don’t have to worry about spending your month’s pay just to have a new pair of shoes. All you need to do is to skip a bottle of wine or a pack of cigs to save as little as $20 to afford this cute and trendy wear.

Today, I have taken the liberty to browse the collection of just to give you 10 amazing wedge boots under $20. I also included a short note on how to wear these boots and why you should get them! Ready? Here we go!


First on my list is this Lace Up Ankle Boots that comes in bright and vibrant turquoise blue. It’s fun and easy to wear with floral prints this spring and can glam up any simple wear such as white tops and skinny jeans.


Show off a bit of your pretty nails with these peep toe wedge boots in coral pink. It’s dainty and feminine that it will certainly look good with your little white or light blue prom dress. Want an extra dose of femininity? Why not wear a headband with a cute bow or braid your hair for that lady like look.

pointed-toe-side-buckle-bootiesFlight and accommodation already booked? Put on this pair of velvet grey ankle bootson the way to your summer getaway! The wedge heels will make walking easy for you no matter where you go! No need to compromise your vacation budget because you can get these boots for only $19.20!


Shake the blues away with these posh wedge ankle boots with folded cuff and laced up front. The deep color of blue brings elegance to a ripped short and off shoulder top combination. Put on your over-sized sunglasses and boho bag for that fashionable tourist look.


Bring out you wild side without spending a fortune! For only $16.80 you can get a cool pair wedge boots in sexy leopard print. The 4.5 heels will surely make you walk in style and poise. Need to make things extra glam? Pair these boots with brown clutch or carry all bag and black jacket!

Ready your purse and visit now to avail these wonderful offer! Check back for more amazing affordable pieces here in this blog and find more ways on how to be fashionable without breaking the bank!

Wedge Sneakers: Love it or Hate it

wedge sneakers

Wedge Sneakers Available at

It’s undeniable that wedge sneakers are now everywhere just like wedge ankle boots. Store windows in different shopping malls are filled with sneakers that have this mysteriously hidden wedge heels. From being just boyish footwear that boasts everything about comfort, sneakers now come in extra feminine colors and details plus a height enhancing wedge.  If you’re a girl who loves sneakers and wedge heels separately, how do you like this unlikely union? Do you go for it? Or just leave it alone for now?

On my way to work, I always see this gigantic billboard with a girl wearing a cute pink wedge sneakers and a huge text that says “Wedge makes you look taller”. I can’t agree more that wedge heels can make your legs appear longer and leaner. Aside from that, it is the safer and healthier alternative for stiletto shoes. But when it comes to sneakers, there is a lot of hesitation about adding a tall heel in supposedly comfortable footwear.

Another concern is how this fashion footwear can be priced as much as $600! Thankfully, more affordable brands like Bamboo shoes are also available in the market.

Why it is a hit

celebrities wearing wedge sneakers

Chloe Moretz and Britney Spears wearing wedge sneakers

Wedge sneakers are being worn with edgy and ragged outfits by a lot of girls. They also wear it as a chic and fun addition to casual wear. When asked what they love about this new trend, they say that it’s about the comfort of being able to wear heels without the strain on your legs. The padding on the sneakers provides more comfortable support on the ladies’ feet and allows more movement compared to other heeled shoes.

Added height

photo credit:

photo credit:

What made these wedge sneakers a hit is the style that makes it look like you’re not wearing any heels at all. Although it may look a little bulky and slouchy sometimes, finding a cute pair that you will love is still possible.

How to wear it

Pairing Bamboo wedge sneakers with miniskirts and loose tops is a good way to wear it. You can also put on skinny jeans in complementing colors with your sneakers plus little feminine accessories. Other way to wear it is by throwing in some varsity jacket for a more fashionable and sporty look.

When to wear it

wear weadge sneakers during summer

It’s best to wear wedge sneakers during summer or spring seasons

Traditional sneakers are usually worn inside gym or when running but these wedge sneakers are more than that. Although it cannot perform the sportier job of usual rubber shoes, it can be worn with girly outfits and casual wear. It is best to be worn during spring or summer or just when you want to look fashionable in a cute but boyish way.

Trends may come and go but who knows until when these wedge sneakers will stay. If you’re hesitating about spending a fortune for this one of a kind footwear, why not start with the affordable brands and try if your feet will love this fun invention.

Footwear Fashion Colors for Spring 2013

Like the season it represents, the fashion color for Spring 2013 has a lot of fun, energy and life in it. The vibrant mood of this season is best shown through colorful fashion statements from shoes, dresses, tops, bags to trendy accessories. Experiment with these lovely colors and enjoy spring in a colorful way.

Spring is usually a season of bright shiny colors, but this year it is a little mix of mellow greens, darker blues and lemony yellow. This will allow you to mix and match different hues to create a relaxed but happy ensemble. Check out these spring ready shoes and see what will look best with your spring outfit this year.

Spring 2013 Fashion Colors:


Emerald Ankle boots

Lively, radiant, and elegant Emerald green is Pantone’s color of the year. Energize your simple wardrobe with this color and create a luxurious look that’s totally appropriate for this season. Like the precious stone, emerald green radiates beauty, energy and exquisite taste.

Fashion icons love emerald green because of the harmonious and lively feeling it creates. If you want to make that impression when you walk inside a room, wear this emerald platform pumps from Breckelle’s. It goes with suede upper, an almond toe and rhinestone decorated high heels. Wear it with white pants and blue top then seal you spring ready look with some splash of yellow accessories for a casual and trendy look.

Mint Green

Mint Green Ankle Boots Adding a mint green to your outfit will give you a chic and vintage feeling yet it will brighten up your look in a subtle way.

Wedge loving ladies will surely love these booties from Bamboo. This wedge boots with laced up front has a hidden platform and a round toe. This footwear is definitely a fun and cool way to jumpstart your spring.

Another minty fresh selection this season is this wedge sneaker by Liliana. These lace-up kicks feature a rhinestone decorated tongue, plus a stretchable laces that goes all the way to the back forming a dainty bow tie.

Lemon Yellow

Mint Yellow shoes

A more toned down yellow will take center stage this season. If you are not a fan of bright poppy yellow, Lemon Zest is for you. The mellow feeling of this hue gives out a refreshing vibe and will surely give your outfit a fun twist.

Lemon zest works well with other citrus color like orange and green. Pair your Lemon Zest platform pumps with this mint green peplum skirt with bold floral print for a spring appropriate outfit. You can also wear it with your favorite white blouse and accessories for a perfectly put together look.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Boots

Blue comes in stronger darker shade this year. Cobalt is some shade nearer to navy blue and will look good with warm oranges, light grays and crispy white. Cobalt blue fills the room with bright and happy feeling in a sophisticated way.

Wear an eye catchy look with this wedge boots that spells fun and comfort at the same time. Use sparingly with whites, lemon yellow or white for a more polished and vibrant way.

Finding the color that suits you will let you enjoy shopping for spring like never before. Use this color trend as a guide and choose your spring ready outfit without any hassle. Enjoy mixing and matching your clothes and enjoy this season in a fun and colorful way like never before.

Wedges – More Than Just a Stiletto Alternative

Stilettos look sexy, daring and gorgeous. But let’s face it, not all women can fashionably wear it without looking awkward. Although it can perfectly make our legs look slender, longer and leaner it is more harmful to our feet because it provides little room for balance. Thankfully there is a wonderful alternative that will let us wear sky high heels while providing us comfort when performing our daily tasks.

Of course we’re talking about wedge shoes. Those high heeled miracle comes in different styles, designs and color that it must be included in women’s must have list. From knee high wedge boots, sandals, shoes to even sneakers, this kind of women’s footwear is definitely here to stay.

Unlike stilettos that has a pencil like heels, wedges has a support that runs under the shoes from the back to the middle or in some cases up to the front area of the shoes. It ranges from low to high heels which allow almost every woman to go from 2 to five inches comfortably.

Although not all wedges can be worn in all occasions there are different styles that may be appropriate for the event or the outfit that you are wearing. Take a look at these varieties of Wedge shoes and pick your favorite.

Wedge Boots

wedge boots

From ankle boots, to knee high boots, wedges are definitely a women’s favorite. The warmth of boots and the comfort of wedges make it ideal to be worn during fall or winter but black leather ankle booties can last until spring and summer.

Decorated Wedge

decorated wedges

Definitely a funkier choice, this wedges are women who loves adding style and character to their footwear. The chunky heels create more room for creative designs that can go as crazy as the designers who created them. If you’re interested with this kind of wedge, just carefully choose a design that you can wear with confidence and style.

Platform Wedges

Platform Wedges

Platform is a kind of footwear with thick soles that reduces the arch of the feet when wearing high heeled shoes. Although it may look bulky sometimes, it is more preferred by women because of the comfort and support it can give. Shoes with hidden platforms are also available as variation of these well-loved high heels.



A lighter variety of wedge shoes is espadrille of those that is made from rope or rubber materials molded to look like rope. Espadrille shoes are often made with canvas uppers and other lightweight materials. It is perfect for summer and can be perfectly comfortable through the heat of the day. Do you know what you are going to do with your wet shoes? Find out here!

See how you far you can go with wearing wedge? From now on, don’t settle for flat shoes or kitten heels just because you don’t think you can balance yourself when wearing high heels. Go for style and quality with wedge shoes and be gorgeously fashionable anytime of the year.

5 Metallic Footwear You Should Have This Spring

Metallic is just so in nowadays. Thanks to Lady Gaga and her crazy but fun costumes, anything metallic made it to the runways and now even into women’s closets.Adding a metallic accent to your everyday casual wear gives it an added appeal for a fashionable futuristic look. From leather wedge boots, sandals, pumps, flat shoes to knee high boots, these footwear are sure to impress.

Patent Strappy Gladiator Sandals

gladiator sandals

Celebrate spring with these strappy gladiator sandals by Rosette. Maxy01 features a patent upper with metallic, metal-like accents and zipper closure at the back. These sandals will make your feet breathe comfortably while still being fashionably chic and flirty.

Montreal Tweed Fabric Flats

Montreal Tweed Fabric Flats

Add glamour to your usual flat shoes by wearing this pair with tweed fabric upper accented by a metallic cap. This is perfect for a casual back to school get up or everyday office attire and can easily be paired with skirts or jeans. You also don’t have to worry about tired and sore feet because this footwear allows maximum comfort for that busy long day.

Prosper8 Stud Metal Inset Wedge Booties

Prosper8 Stud Metal Inset Wedge Booties

Give your strut a sexy and alluring touch with these Prosper8 Stud Metal Inset Wedge Booties. It features an open toe with a zipper closure in the front and metal insets at the heel and platform. Now you don’t have to keep your beloved ankle boots throughout summer. Wear them during night outs or when you just feel like giving your fashion ensemble a little touch of glimmer.

Laren Strappy Pointy Toe Pumps

Laren Strappy Pointy Toe Pumps

These lovely slick pointy toes and metallic faux leather upper can give you an extra sheer from day to evening dates. Achieve a gorgeous look by pairing this footwear with evening dress or knee length skirts. Add minimal accessories plus a cute purse and you’re ready to go.

Qoors16 Metallic Trim Heel Less Boots

Qoors16 Metallic Trim Heel Less Boots

Are you one of those girls who love heel less shoes? I bet you’d love to add this heel less knee high boots from Wild Rose to your collection. The cross shaped metallic trim can make your legs appear longer and sexier. A pretty miniskirt paired with plain top is all you need to make yourself ready for a fabulous evening.

Perk up your wardrobe with these items this spring and let yourself shine the brightest. Grab your friends and go shopping for this latest trend in footwear. If you don’t have the time to go shopping, just browse online and see what online shop offers the best metallic footwear.