The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Pastel Pants

Pastel Jeans are perfect attention grabber. If you wear it well and with confidence, everyone will be paying you with second glance, admiring your taste, your body or both.

Bright and colorful jeans are especially popular during summer and are often paired with tank tops or sleeveless blouse and spiced up with cardigan or scarf. Available in myriad of colors, you can surely find a pair that suits your skin tone. When you’re just aiming for a feminine yet trendy look for a summer party or get together with friends, pastel jeans can work perfectly fine. However, badly worn pastel jeans can be a real disaster.

To give you a quick guide on wearing pastel jeans and to make sure you’re doing it right, here is my list of dos and don’ts.

DO mix pastel colors together


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Light blue jeans with pink top are the ultimate chic wear. Play with colors and have fun in choosing the best shade that works for your skin tone. The basic rule for wearing pastel jeans is that petite and long legged ladies can go for lighter shades while those who have fuller legs should go for darker hues.

DON’T overdo it

We all know it’s cute, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing, so keep things elegant and not too sweet. Wear at least 2 shades of pastel on your outfit and keep the rest in neutral colors like wearing brown ankle booties and nude clutch bag.

DO wear it with black


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If you don’t want to look too sweet or girly but want to wear pastel jeans for some pop of color, try wearing it with black top or coat plus black ankle boots. It oozes with style and elegance while looking chic and fun.

DON’T wear pastel from head to toe

Do not, by any means, wear pastel color from head to toe. Celebrities and models usually wear pastels but in day to day fashion, avoid wearing too much pastel colors or people will having toothache by just looking at your sweetness.

DO wear it with nude pumps


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Nude high heeled pumps are also popular nowadays and ladies are raving about its leg lengthening effect. Wear nude colored pants that suits your skin and make your legs look longer than they really are.

DON’T quit searching for the right pair

Don’t just go for a pastel pants that are too tight or too loose. Go for a pair that you are confident you can wear anytime anywhere or else, it may just end up stuck at the bottom of your closet only worn once.

Wardrobe Must Have: Nude Shoes

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing nude shoes on the red carpet pairing it with everything from evening dress, jeans, skirts and cocktail dresses. Although not necessarily a new trend, nude shoes are now dominating the street especially this spring and summer season. If you still don’t have this fashion shoe in your collection, let us take a closer look at why these gorgeous shoes deserve a space on your closet.

What’s the craze?


Black used to be staple shoes for every woman but since nude shoes became a hit in 2010, everyone realized its beauty and was instantly considered to be one of the wardrobe must haves for any ladies. Few seasons later, nude shoes are still considered trendy. The best thing about it is it doesn’t seem to go out of style any time soon so you can still buy a pair of nude shoes and wear it to your heart’s content.

Nude refers to a whole color palette of human skin tones and can extend from cream, light champagne, to beige and rich chocolates. The neutral palette comes in many forms that you are sure to find a shade that can look good on your skin tone.

Why wear it Nude?


Nude Chiffon Top, Metallic Leatherette Skirt, Nude Pumps

Nude are known for its leg lengthening ability and sophisticated simplicity. The shade creates an illusion of longer legs when worn with bare legs because of the unbroken line between legs to the foot. The nude color also allows your outfit to stand out making it a perfect pair for light colored pants or white skirts. As a general rule, any light colored outfit can do well with nude shoes but you can go and pair it with pretty much anything such as your little black dress or printed dresses.

How to wear this trend?


Feminine blouse, Mint jeans and Nude Pumps

Depending on your personal style, you can find a perfect pair of nude shoes to include in your closet. The most popular type of nude shoes is high heeled pumps but there are also cute and comfy flats to go with your spring outfit. If you love ankle boots and booties, you can also find one in your favorite shoe store and wear it with mini skirt or light colored leggings.

The leg lengthening illusion of nude shoes is best achieved by wearing it on bare legs and towering high heels. It is also best to keep the detailing of your shoes minimal to make it appear as an extension of your feet. This way, you can make your legs look leaner, longer and sexier.

Let’s go shopping!

If you haven’t tried this trend yet, why not go to your nearby shoe store and look for a pair that works well with your feet. Browse the internet for some fashion inspirations from celebrities and fashion bloggers then purchase fashionable nude shoes online at

Five Style Tips on Wearing Color Blocked Shoes

So you’ve been saving money to buy a new pair of shoes this spring. With all the gorgeous shoe collection sitting on top of boutique shelves, I know you’re having a hard time thinking which one to buy that can give the best value for your money.


If you need a piece of advice, I would say go for something color blocked this season. It’s a good change from your usual black, blue or nude shoes and it can contain some color that will surely brighten up your mood. What’s better way to enjoy spring than to wear fun and energetic colors that add glamour to your wardrobe, right?

Take some time to read through this post and I will share to you some basic style guide on wearing color blocked shoes and how you can truly enjoy it.

Keep it Simple

Yes, despite the colors and happenings on your shoes you surely can still keep your overall fashion ensemble simple. Stick with neutrals and keep your outfit on the safe side by wearing white top, black skinny jeans and black or nude blazer. This will keep the attention on the pumps or a pair of suede ankle boots for everyone to notice your latest fashion find. Add an accessory or a bag with a complementing color with your shoes and you’re good to go.

Highlight One Color

When it comes to pairing your color blocked shoes to your clothes, it is important to focus on one color out of your shoe to pair with your dress or shirt. If you’re wearing a color block shoe with a dominant blue in them, pair it up with complementing shades of light blue tops and then go easy with black or white pants. Use the other shades of your shoes as the color of accessories so it can look more organized and uncluttered.

Go all white

Absolutely the best way to let the colors of your shoes shine is by wearing white as the base color of your clothes. Since white is always on the rise, you surely can’t go wrong with white dress. Glam it up by color blocking your accessories from bags, ankle boots, necklaces and earrings. Just make sure that the colors of your accessories go together so you can form a complete look that can stand out from the rest.

Don’t Associate Two Dark Colors

Since color blocking is all about living it up and enjoying the colors of spring, please avoid combining two dark shades of colors like brown and black or navy blue and black. If it cannot be avoided, look for a shoe that at least one bright color and other solid hue. This way, they can create a smooth contrast that can look good no matter what you wear.

Choose a color depending on your mood

Fashion is mostly about expressing yourself so use this opportunity to express your mood in a colorful way. Go for a nature inspired look with earth colors like green, brownish red, and warm orange or go energetic and wild with pastel colors such as pink, mint green and yellow. Just experiment and see what color works best for your skin tone.

Wearing color blocked shoes can be fun and enjoyable. If you’re a little shy about drawing too much attention to your outfit, you can keep your colors down and simple. But I hope you won’t miss the excitement of walking down the street with all the confidence knowing you are wearing color blocked shoes in a gorgeous and fashionable way.

Here’s a video from where you can learn “Color Block Styling“. Enjoy!