How to Wear a Dress with Brown Ankle Boots

I cannot stress enough how a nice pair of brown ankle boots from online wholesale shoes store must be a part of any woman’s closet. It can help you transition from spring to summer and, with some leggings, can still look great during fall and winter. Since it also comes in different hues, finding the right shade that looks good on your skin and the color of your outfit is quite easy.

If you’re having a hard time putting together an outfit with your brown ankle boots, here are some fashion inspiration that can help you dress like a real celebrity.

Pretty in Floral Dress


Spring break is best enjoyed in girly floral dress, big sunglasses, cute accessories and brown fringe ankle boots like Miley Cyrus. Her get up is so youthful and refreshing that any young lady who wants to look trendy during spring party with friends can do so with this outfit. Let your hair down for a day and enjoy your youth with this look.

White and Innocent


Another spring look that you can easily pull off with is this outfit inspired by Vanessa Hudgens. Look for your favorite little white dress and pair it with a brown suede boots to achieve a simple, stress free weekend look. Keep everything neat by throwing in some accessories in silver and put an edgy twist with cool statement rings.

Office Ready with Little Black Dress


Heading for a meeting and want to look your best? Draw inspiration from the way Eva Mendes wore her high heeled brown ankle boots with stylish fit-and-flare black dress. It’s simple, elegant, and boardroom appropriate. Impress everyone with this look and have the confidence that can help you win the day. Grab your favorite coat on your way out in case it gets chilly on the road.

Pretty Safe and Laid Back


What’s wrong with keeping it safe if you can glam up everything with your gorgeous curls and sweetest smile? Here in this photo, the duchess Kate Middleton wore a brown long sleeve dress, stockings and suede ankle boots. Don’t be afraid to pair brown dress with brown booties as long as it’s in different shades so you can still create a beautiful contrast. No, you won’t look too boring if you know how to keep your head up and your smile ready like a real duchess.

The best thing about fashion is you can create your own combination and statement with just anything inside your closet. Get inspiration from these celebrities and enjoy dressing up with your brown ankle boots!

How to Accessorize Your Winter Outfit

Looking fashionable and fabulous during winter season is extra challenging. Thanks to the chilly weather that pushes us to bundle up on our thick coats, gloves, and scarves. But for fashion forward ladies, the chilly weather is not an excuse to look too covered. And if you’re going to think about, you can definitely find more ways to look amazing despite your winter outfits.

Unlike in summer, where we can easily flaunt our jewelry collection, accessorizing during winter is a little tricky. But with the right fashion pieces from your favorite wholesale jewelry store, you can come up with a look that doesn’t look too flashy for the weather, but still gives a burst of energy to your usual winter fashion ensemble.

Ready to look fab? Here are some tips to help you accessorize your winter outfit!

Enjoy playing with colors


Winter outfit can look a little sad and boring because of bulky sweaters and coats. Add a dose of oomph to your everyday office wear by wearing colorful accessories. Jewelry with multicolored cubic zirconia stones can do wonder to your outfit. Pick an earring that looks great with the color of your floral print dress and coat to create a trendy look.

Bolder Jewelry


Wear bold earrings, statement necklace or over-sized rings to make sure that your accessories won’t get lost with all the thick layers of clothes you’re wearing. Wear that sterling silver loop earrings or chandelier earrings you found at a wholesale jewelry store for that classy and elegant look.

Wear a Chic Hat


Keep your head warm while still looking fashionable. Make a fashion statement by wearing chic winter hats that complements the color of your outfit. Show off your dangling earrings by wearing fur berets to get that fun and charming look despite the weather.

Do not forget scarves


Scarf is definitely a lady’s must have every winter, so go and shop scarves in different colors and fabrics. Looking for a way to spice up your winter outfit but do not want to spend a lot of effort in accessorizing? Just hang a winter scarf around your neck and tie it creatively for a quick fashion fix.

It may be too cold to even think about dressing up but if you want to look great, there are a lot of ways to quickly accessorize your winter outfit. Mix and match your favorite jewelry and get that classy winter look.

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Street Style Fashion Guide: How to Wear Denim Shorts

There is something enchanting about wearing something that will give you a little bit of masculinity but will allow you to be chic and trendy at the same time. It’s like the perfect mood setter if you just want to have a laid back and worry free day out in the street and off to your summer destination. What used to be the intended for working men is now transformed into something that can be worn anytime, any day.

Whether you’re a petite lady with skinny legs or a chubby chic with fuller extremities, there is a lot of way to enjoy wearing denim shorts. Let us take a look at some of these photos for some quick inspiration on this trendy street wear.


 For Petite ladies, wearing a flowy blouse or folded long sleeves polo is a great way to style a denim shorts. When opting for a more casual look, layering is a good way to go. Wear a white top over a red blazer or denim jacket. This will add more volume to your body and can make your legs more slender. Another chic way to wear denim shorts for petite ladies is to wear it with mid calf ankle boots that can highlight your legs more.

Some ladies who have a pear shaped body type might feel denim shorts are not for them. But if you know how to style it and you have flawless legs to show off there is absolutely no reason to avoid this street style.


 Go for denim shorts that fell just at the middle of your thigh. Too long and you’ll look even shorter and your legs fuller. One fashion trick that you can always use when wearing denim shorts is wearing a cute thin belt and tucking up your tops for a more polished look. Wear wedge pumps in nude color to further elongate your legs.


 Long ladies with endless legs should have no problem wearing denim shorts. Just remember to wear darker shades of denim shorts and tuck out your top to create a fun balance to your over all look. A dressy mid calf boots or knee high wedge boots can also look good on you. Emphasize your best asset like your legs and keep it flawless as you are.

Just remember some basic rule when wearing denim shorts. Cover up the upper body and avoid showing off some cleavage and let your legs take all the attention. Also be easy on the shortness of your legs. Wearing it short doesn’t mean too short.

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