Simple Care Tips for Suede Boots

Suede Boots significantly offer warmth, comfort and style to our feet. It is often worn by kids, teens, and men but more fashionable suede ankle boots for ladies are now available in different online stores all over the world. Since suede boots are made from different materials than other popular boots, it also requires different caring techniques.

Maintaining and caring for your shoes ensures the quality and strength of your footwear and lets you enjoy wearing it for a longer time. As much as shoes vary in materials, the attention and caring they need also varies. Aside from that, well kept shoes also keep your feet healthy and away from any disease or infection.

Here are some basic caring tips for your ankle boots that is made from suede leather.

Protect your shoes

Spray a water proofing product on suede boots and let it dry at room temperature away from direct heat. This will not only repel water but will also protect your boots from dirt and dust. Use water proofing products that are especially made for suede boots and apply it once a month depending on the need of your boots. Follow the instructions given on the water repellent product to achieve the best result.


Cleaning your boots regularly is the best way to keep the quality and appearance of your footwear. Begin your clean up by removing any stains by using solvent based cleaner that is made for suede boots. You can also use a suede erase to rub away undesirable dirt. You can also use soft eraser (or pencil eraser) and brush it very lightly on the surface of your boots. Be careful not to damage the suede materials.

You can also use a small amount of vinegar and clean cotton towel to dab away stain. Moisten the clean towel with vinegar and apply lightly on the stained part. Remember to remove stain as soon as possible to prevent the leather from absorbing the stains as it will be more difficult to remove if left unnoticed.

As much as possible, avoid using water when cleaning your boots because it can affect the color and texture of the suede.

More tips on how to clean your suede ankle boots:


Store your suede ankle boots or tall boots away from direct sunlight. Don’t crowd them in a boot rack or inside your closet because the suede materials need to breathe. Moisture will cause the boots to accumulate mildew and direct sunlight can cause the leather to become hard and brittle.

Owning some pairs of well-maintained boots is better than having a lot of shoes that you can’t even care for. Make the most of our investment by applying the utmost care for your boots and other type of shoes. Consider having them professionally cleaned before packing them away for a long time or apply the tips mentioned above for more favorable boots experience.