The Right Footwear to the Office

While most offices these days are starting to adapt to a more lenient way of dressing, the norm is still formal office wear. This goes from head to foot, including shoes. So, for wholesale shoes for women, which among them should people wear when in the office? Which ones are inappropriate and should not be worn when you are working? Whether you’re just on your desk or having a power lunch with associates, there are certain kinds of footwear that should be avoided.


Here are some footwear you should avoid wearing to the office:

Sandals and open-toed shoes

Why Not: Wearing sandals does not look like you are going to the office, rather to the beach. Sandals are not meant for serious work as well and an open-toed footwear. People may think you are going to a party instead of a company for serious business.
What to Wear Instead: It would be better to wear closed shoes. Every part of the feet must be covered. No peak-a-boos for you to look that you mean serious business since you take your work seriously.


Why Not: If you are aiming for comfort, you cannot go with sneakers. It would look juvenile, your co-workers may think you just got lost and ended up in their company as opposed to being a member of it.
What to Wear Instead: Wear pumps or flats if you really want comfort. They would provide a look of sophistication that cannot be reached when you wear a pair of sneakers. Pumps with just the right height would not be too uncomfortable even if you are to run around the office, same with ballet flat shoes.



Why Not: Office shoes must look sturdy with all the work you do from 9 to 5. Since trainers proved to be the sturdiest when one undergoes training, it does not mean that you should wear it to the office as well.
What to Wear Instead: If you are looking for something durable as well as comfortable, leather shoes are what you truly need for office work. Leather shoes are not cheap so better take advantage of wholesale shoes to acquire more than one pair of office friendly shoes for your office needs.

Anything in loud colors

Why Not: Wearing a ruby red pair of shoes or anything considered loud like hot pink or iridescent blue does not look professional. Those colors do not belong in an office. Women should look polished and ready for serious work but not for a different type of job that shouts red-light district.
What to Wear Instead: It would be better to wear earth toned shoes that would look good with a dress suit or semi-formal attire. Colors like brown, grey, dark red, dark green, and black would be acceptable colors for office shoes.

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Working Ladies: Office Friendly Ankle Boots

Preparing for everyday office wear is a little challenging for ladies. Aside from having to come up with styles that comply with company policies and regulations, you also need to look for ways to look fresh everyday. Of course you don’t like to look like you’re wearing the same thing over and over again everyday, do you?

One way to keep your look fresh is by wearing different pair of shoes with your usual office outfit. Just a stunning pair of ankle boots can spice up the way you wear your A-line skirt or skinny jeans. What more is that, these boots can be worn all year round and serves as a great transition shoes from season to season.

 So let me help you with your shopping with this list of office friendly ankle boots and how you can wear them.


 Like we all know, studs and spikes or fringe is a no-no when it comes to office fashion. So if you’re going to shop for office ankle boots, choose the ones that have the simplest design. This way, you can still look professional and neat while looking glamorous in your boots.


Take for example this studded ankle boots from makemechic. It has a neatly put studded bow with a splash of color blue. It creates a chic accent but still looks office appropriate. This high heeled will make you walk with style and poise in the office and even when you go to your after office dates.


Another trendy take on the usual black boots is this Lucite Heel Less booties. Featuring a pointy toe, suede upper with Lucite accent platform and side zipper, this ankle boots is a mixture of sophistication and elegance. This fashion forward shoes can be worn with your above the knee office dress, or skirt and a stunning fashion jewelry bracelet.


Other neutral color like brown or grey can be worn in the office and can be easily paired with pretty much anything. These leatherette ankle boots from Wild Rose feature a knotted bow on the side and a round toe. Wear it with over a black leggings and skirt for a chic and youthful look. Put on a blazer or a coat to make things come together perfectly.

If you want to use some color in your ankle boots, solid or dark colors will look stunning against light colored blouse and bag. Like this blue green peep toe ankle booties with hidden platform. Use it to replace your black office shoes and start loving deep dark colors in your everyday office wear.

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Trendy Spring Office Wear 2013

The way you wear your outfit in the office can tell so much about your professional ethics and overall work performance. While it’s necessary to follow company policies when it comes to office wears, you can also try looking for items that can look trendy and office appropriate.

Spring trend for 2013 has a lot of trendy pieces that can be worn even in the office. When taken in moderation, you can wear popular fashion trends such as monochrome, floral prints, or animal print outfit as long as you know how to make it appear more professional and business appropriate.

Here are some basic rules to follow when choosing your office attire:

  1. Use at least 2 to 3 colors in combining your outfit.
  2. Do not use tops with plunging necklines
  3. At least keep your skirt 3 inches above the knee
  4. Keep the colors of your outfit in natural hue and avoid eye popping shades
  5. Stay away from too much print or embellishments

Following that rules, here are some fashionable pieces that you can wear every day to the office.


Monochrome office wear

One thing great about monochrome outfit is that it can be used to achieve a casual vibe to formal and business image. A high contrast striped blazer paired with white tights with black side linings can give you a perfectly pulled together look. Wear a coordinating black pumps and minimal accessories for a fab office outfit.

Floral Prints

Floral Print Office Wear

Another hot item this spring is floral print dresses or tops. Although it is usually worn for more casual environment, you too can wear the look if you pair it with a blazer and nice pair of shoes. Substitute the lace up ankle boots with pumps in nude colors for a more subtle and girly look.
Learn how to wear Floral print dress by reading my old post.

Spikes and Studs

Formal Wear with Spikes and Studs

If you want to add an edgy twist to your everyday formal wear and you feel like changing your too serious look into something else, this button-down long sleeves top with spikes is just right for you. It perfectly works together with cute pleated skirt and can give you a fashion forward look without even trying.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green Office Outfit

Emerald is 2013’s color of the year so get that blouse in deep and luxurious shade of green and create a look that is perfect the whole year round. Pair this blouse in sequin skirt and a classic black pump for a simple yet elegant look. Also try wearing this outfit with cutout high heeled ankle boots for a more feminine outfit.

Printed Leggings and Tights

Printed Leggings and Tights Office Wear

If you’re working in an office environment that allows you to be more creative when it comes to your office wear, why not try wearing legging with fun and colorful prints. Just remember to pair it with nude tops like this soft sweater and shoes in complimenting shoes like this lemon yellow pumps.

Your everyday office wear need not to be boring anymore. If you follow these fashion ideas, you surely can stand out in your office without the risk of looking out of place. Enjoy mixing and matching different trendy pieces to come up with a look that works well for your skin tone, body type, and your nature of work.

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