Get Your Shoes Picture Perfect

For businesses dealing with wholesale shoes for women, you should know that how your merchandise looks would greatly affect their movement. Some products, no matter how inferior they are, may still attract some consumers because of how well they photograph and are presented on a website. Let’s admit it, online shoppers are very visual, and if your merchandise doesn’t look good in pictures, there’s a huge chance your goods will get (virtual) cobwebs. Thus, you should really look into how good your shoes look in photos that will be posted in your website if you want to attract buyers.


Here are some tips on how to photograph your shoes perfectly:

Get the shoes’ texture right through proper lighting.

If you want to focus on selling most of your shoe inventory online, the first thing that you should have are really good pictures of your wholesale shoes products.  Of course, the easy way is to get the services of a professional photographer. However, the cost could be high so you can do it by yourself with your trusty point and shoot camera plus a few lighting accessories.  Having proper lighting will help in highlighting the shoes’ texture and material.  This way, your clients could easily identify if they are amenable to the kind of material that your shoes have. 

Exposure and shutter speed – what are those?

When we hear the terms exposure and shutter speed, we usually associate it with photography terms that we would rather not talk about. However, these are two important terms that you need to learn when you plan to doing the shoe shots at home. It is best to get the balance of the two depending on your studio environment.  The lighting would play a great role on getting the balance.  Being exposed too long and you might have a picture that is too bright, a shutter speed that is fast might render a dark picture of your product.

Which works – busy or monochrome backgrounds?

In order to put emphasis on your product, it would be best to go for monochrome backgrounds. Get the one that would be in contrast with the color of the shoe that you are taking a photo of.  Having a monochrome background would eliminate other items that might catch the attention of your viewers away from the product that is showcased.

To use a flash or not?

It is alright to use a flash if you place lacks proper lighting.   However, buy yourself a flash diffuser so that the light coming from the flash would spread evenly to your product and background.  Having a too bright a flash would not be good for a product picture.  There are affordable diffusers available from photography shops so you can ask the help of the sales people there.