Shoes with Spikes and Studs for the Rock Chic

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Being in corporate world requires you to be subtle and professional when it comes to dressing up. For most of the ladies, wearing ridiculously high heels is a big no because of the nature of their work. But when it’s time for the night out, you can definitely wear anything you want that will suit your fancy.

Be glamorous and sexy with high heeled ankle boots, and spice it up with little spikes and studs. It’s a sure way to get the right attention you want and stand out among a whole bunch of party goers.

The Trend: Spikes and Studs

Everything with Spikes and studs became a crazy trend in 2012 and is still being widely worn by celebrities and fashion icons today. From simple jacket, shoes, or bag, an added spike can turn even the dullest of designs to glamorous fashion pieces. It is a statement on its own and wearing it is as good as saying you’re into more fun than trouble.

ankle boots

Why it is a hit
It’s definitely a head turner and looks perfect when you’re into some playful night. Go easy with just some simple embellishment or go crazy with booties covered in spikes. Wearing anything with spikes allows you to be some kind of a “Rock Chic”. Those who are into gothic or punk style definitely know how to pull it off but some ladies who just want to try something new can also do the trick.

ankle boots

When to wear it
Spiked shoes and apparels are often used during night outs and parties but as long as you keep it minimal, you can wear spike and studs anytime of the day. If you’re also tired of looking chic and lady like, studded jackets or ankle boots can turn things around. It will give you a dark and dangerous look that warns people against messing up with you.

Tacoma Spiky Pointed Toe Pumps

What not to wear
A general rule when wearing it is that silver spikes goes with silver accessories and gold spikes go with gold accessories. Also try to wear plain printed shirt or blouse under spiked jacket or solid colored shorts or skirts with spiked shoes. You can be adventurous when it comes to your look, just make sure that you won’t mix things up too much.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to wear things with spikes you can start with the more simple designs that the outrageous ones. It’s never wrong to try something new and who knows if you’ll love them. Bring out the rock star in you by wearing a studded jacket or spiked accessories and you will surely look amazing.