Fashion Spotlight: Cut out Shoes

In just a matter of weeks, summer will be here to let us have some fun in the sun. But while we are waiting for the right time to hit the beach, how about investing in some cool transitional footwear that is perfect for your feet this spring and will let enjoy the weather come summer?

A lot of cute and trendy shoes came out in the spring-summer collection of some popular magazines and fashion shows this year. One of the most eye-catching of those kicks is the fashionable cut out shoes that come in different style and color. It has the airiness of a sandals and the structure of a shoe – just exactly what you’re looking for in a transition shoe!

Here are some pairs of cut out shoes you might want to add to your spring summer collection!

Lace Up Cut Out Caged Wedges

If you love lace up ankle boots but not sure how to wear it during warmer days, how about trying out this cut out wedge by Bamboo. It features a lace up front with a caged cut out body and back zipper for easy on and off. Available in other colors such as black, brown, pink and beige, this footwear will surely look good on ripped off denim shorts and loose top for a sexy and feminine look.

Cutout Laced Up Casual Shoes

A bright and breezy addition to warm weather ensembles, these flat shoes has suede upper and geometric cut outs that give it a fresh spring look. Wear it on when you go shopping with friends or just going out of town for a fun day. You’ll certainly love the style and comfort these flat shoes can bring.

Peep Toe Cutout Pumps

Do you want a sexy twist to your pumps? This electrifying pump by Wild Diva features a gleaming patent leather upper with a peep toe and detailed cut out heels. A towering 6.5” heels with 2.5” platform will surely make you stand out the crowd. Party with friends or go on a dinner date with these heels and be absolutely stunning with these cut out shoes.

Perforated Bow Ankle Strap Flats

Adding an extra feminine look to your casual flats is a fabric ankle strap that forms a cute bow. These flat shoes that feature a cut out design throughout will surely make you light on your feet. Pair it with your spring dress for a youthful girly look and you’re ready to seize the day!

Cut Out Wedge Sandals

This cut out mint sandals is a spring must have. It features a metal accent with cut out design and 1.25” wedge heels. Be sure to have your nails done because these sandals will surely get your feet noticed when you wear it this season. Also try wedge sneakers!

Is your spring wardrobe ready? I hope these cool shoes gave you an idea on what to buy this season. Check back for more fun and trendy footwear you will surely love. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts!

Wedges – More Than Just a Stiletto Alternative

Stilettos look sexy, daring and gorgeous. But let’s face it, not all women can fashionably wear it without looking awkward. Although it can perfectly make our legs look slender, longer and leaner it is more harmful to our feet because it provides little room for balance. Thankfully there is a wonderful alternative that will let us wear sky high heels while providing us comfort when performing our daily tasks.

Of course we’re talking about wedge shoes. Those high heeled miracle comes in different styles, designs and color that it must be included in women’s must have list. From knee high wedge boots, sandals, shoes to even sneakers, this kind of women’s footwear is definitely here to stay.

Unlike stilettos that has a pencil like heels, wedges has a support that runs under the shoes from the back to the middle or in some cases up to the front area of the shoes. It ranges from low to high heels which allow almost every woman to go from 2 to five inches comfortably.

Although not all wedges can be worn in all occasions there are different styles that may be appropriate for the event or the outfit that you are wearing. Take a look at these varieties of Wedge shoes and pick your favorite.

Wedge Boots

wedge boots

From ankle boots, to knee high boots, wedges are definitely a women’s favorite. The warmth of boots and the comfort of wedges make it ideal to be worn during fall or winter but black leather ankle booties can last until spring and summer.

Decorated Wedge

decorated wedges

Definitely a funkier choice, this wedges are women who loves adding style and character to their footwear. The chunky heels create more room for creative designs that can go as crazy as the designers who created them. If you’re interested with this kind of wedge, just carefully choose a design that you can wear with confidence and style.

Platform Wedges

Platform Wedges

Platform is a kind of footwear with thick soles that reduces the arch of the feet when wearing high heeled shoes. Although it may look bulky sometimes, it is more preferred by women because of the comfort and support it can give. Shoes with hidden platforms are also available as variation of these well-loved high heels.



A lighter variety of wedge shoes is espadrille of those that is made from rope or rubber materials molded to look like rope. Espadrille shoes are often made with canvas uppers and other lightweight materials. It is perfect for summer and can be perfectly comfortable through the heat of the day. Do you know what you are going to do with your wet shoes? Find out here!

See how you far you can go with wearing wedge? From now on, don’t settle for flat shoes or kitten heels just because you don’t think you can balance yourself when wearing high heels. Go for style and quality with wedge shoes and be gorgeously fashionable anytime of the year.