More Footwear and When to Wear Them

There are so many shoes available in the world, so what should a woman wear? Take note, not all wholesale shoes for women can be worn in any occasion or with any attire, for that matter. Some shoes just happen to match some specific get ups and can be used only in certain places. So, if you need a refresher on what shoes to wear, read on!

Heels are something fashionable women must have. There are a number of styles under this category: pumps, wedges, open-toe, slingback, stilettos, and peep-toe are just some of them. For women who are petite or vertically challenged, heels with ankle or t-straps should be avoided, as they cut the leg in someone’s line of vision. Thus, they make anyone look shorter.

For women who want to make their ankles look slimmer, they should try ankle straps. As for the thickness of the heel, the thicker the heel, the more business-appropriate the shoe is. Thinner heels like stilettos would be best worn on a night out with a slinky dress. Petite women should also avoid heels that are too high. Contrary to popular belief, high heels that are too high can make women appear short because of overly flexed calf muscles.

On the opposite side of heels are flats which look perfect with pedal pushers, cropped pants and trousers with narrow legs. Wearing flats with mid-length skirts doesn’t really look nice unless you choose those that have a small lift at the back. Otherwise, flats would look great in ankle-length skirts or with miniskirts. These days, ballet flats are very much in demand because they come in many colors and look great in anything. There are also a lot of women who prefer to wear flats with very short and very small heels called kitty heels.


Sneakers actually look cute with skirts and jeans. Having said that, athletic shoes should not be worn outside the gym or if you are doing some sport. Sneakers and athletic shoes look different, so don’t interchange them. Sneakers are shoes made of either canvas or rubber without so many bells and whistles, while athletic shoes are usually made out of rubber and designed for use in athletic activities.
Alas, if you are looking for stylish but relaxed footwear for outdoors, then sandals should be the right pair of wholesale shoes for you. With heels or not, sandals would be nice with either jeans

or a dress. Take note that by the time winter comes, you better look for other footwear unless you want your feet to freeze! Summer and spring would be great seasons to wear sandals. And we can’t leave the world of sandals behind without talking about the trendy wedge-heeled ones. Wedge sandals can be very fashionable, but ladies need to have lots of practice on them as they can be a challenge to wear when worn the entire day.


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Wedges – More Than Just a Stiletto Alternative

Stilettos look sexy, daring and gorgeous. But let’s face it, not all women can fashionably wear it without looking awkward. Although it can perfectly make our legs look slender, longer and leaner it is more harmful to our feet because it provides little room for balance. Thankfully there is a wonderful alternative that will let us wear sky high heels while providing us comfort when performing our daily tasks.

Of course we’re talking about wedge shoes. Those high heeled miracle comes in different styles, designs and color that it must be included in women’s must have list. From knee high wedge boots, sandals, shoes to even sneakers, this kind of women’s footwear is definitely here to stay.

Unlike stilettos that has a pencil like heels, wedges has a support that runs under the shoes from the back to the middle or in some cases up to the front area of the shoes. It ranges from low to high heels which allow almost every woman to go from 2 to five inches comfortably.

Although not all wedges can be worn in all occasions there are different styles that may be appropriate for the event or the outfit that you are wearing. Take a look at these varieties of Wedge shoes and pick your favorite.

Wedge Boots

wedge boots

From ankle boots, to knee high boots, wedges are definitely a women’s favorite. The warmth of boots and the comfort of wedges make it ideal to be worn during fall or winter but black leather ankle booties can last until spring and summer.

Decorated Wedge

decorated wedges

Definitely a funkier choice, this wedges are women who loves adding style and character to their footwear. The chunky heels create more room for creative designs that can go as crazy as the designers who created them. If you’re interested with this kind of wedge, just carefully choose a design that you can wear with confidence and style.

Platform Wedges

Platform Wedges

Platform is a kind of footwear with thick soles that reduces the arch of the feet when wearing high heeled shoes. Although it may look bulky sometimes, it is more preferred by women because of the comfort and support it can give. Shoes with hidden platforms are also available as variation of these well-loved high heels.



A lighter variety of wedge shoes is espadrille of those that is made from rope or rubber materials molded to look like rope. Espadrille shoes are often made with canvas uppers and other lightweight materials. It is perfect for summer and can be perfectly comfortable through the heat of the day. Do you know what you are going to do with your wet shoes? Find out here!

See how you far you can go with wearing wedge? From now on, don’t settle for flat shoes or kitten heels just because you don’t think you can balance yourself when wearing high heels. Go for style and quality with wedge shoes and be gorgeously fashionable anytime of the year.