More Footwear and When to Wear Them

There are so many shoes available in the world, so what should a woman wear? Take note, not all wholesale shoes for women can be worn in any occasion or with any attire, for that matter. Some shoes just happen to match some specific get ups and can be used only in certain places. So, if you need a refresher on what shoes to wear, read on!

Heels are something fashionable women must have. There are a number of styles under this category: pumps, wedges, open-toe, slingback, stilettos, and peep-toe are just some of them. For women who are petite or vertically challenged, heels with ankle or t-straps should be avoided, as they cut the leg in someone’s line of vision. Thus, they make anyone look shorter.

For women who want to make their ankles look slimmer, they should try ankle straps. As for the thickness of the heel, the thicker the heel, the more business-appropriate the shoe is. Thinner heels like stilettos would be best worn on a night out with a slinky dress. Petite women should also avoid heels that are too high. Contrary to popular belief, high heels that are too high can make women appear short because of overly flexed calf muscles.

On the opposite side of heels are flats which look perfect with pedal pushers, cropped pants and trousers with narrow legs. Wearing flats with mid-length skirts doesn’t really look nice unless you choose those that have a small lift at the back. Otherwise, flats would look great in ankle-length skirts or with miniskirts. These days, ballet flats are very much in demand because they come in many colors and look great in anything. There are also a lot of women who prefer to wear flats with very short and very small heels called kitty heels.


Sneakers actually look cute with skirts and jeans. Having said that, athletic shoes should not be worn outside the gym or if you are doing some sport. Sneakers and athletic shoes look different, so don’t interchange them. Sneakers are shoes made of either canvas or rubber without so many bells and whistles, while athletic shoes are usually made out of rubber and designed for use in athletic activities.
Alas, if you are looking for stylish but relaxed footwear for outdoors, then sandals should be the right pair of wholesale shoes for you. With heels or not, sandals would be nice with either jeans

or a dress. Take note that by the time winter comes, you better look for other footwear unless you want your feet to freeze! Summer and spring would be great seasons to wear sandals. And we can’t leave the world of sandals behind without talking about the trendy wedge-heeled ones. Wedge sandals can be very fashionable, but ladies need to have lots of practice on them as they can be a challenge to wear when worn the entire day.


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What to look For in Women’s Shoes

Women’s shoes are a multi-million dollar industry.  Women just love their shoes that so many TV shows, magazine articles, movies and books things have been done about them.  A woman’s right to shoes has been cemented in popular culture; thus, we have people like Carrie Bradshaw of the now-classic TV show Sex and the City and Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines who made owning thousands of pairs of shoes in vogue.  There’s just something about wholesale women’s shoes that make all the ladies want to have a lot of them.


The assortment of women’s shoes may be one of the reasons why their wearers cannot seem to have enough of them.  Since there are so many styles in wholesale women’s shoes, the ladies seem to be compelled to have at least one pair of all styles.  Of course, a lot of money has to be spent to have a pair of these shoes.  Besides, can you really have that many shoes? What will you need to have if it’s crunch time and you will need to choose only one pair? What styles of wholesale shoes are appropriate for your taste and the occasion?

For those want to adapt a younger, casual and more carefree look, you should definitely look into sandals.  Choosing sandals would be similar to shoes, which means your selection would depend on how you usually match various clothes, which ultimately boils down on how high the heel is.  Flip flops should only be worn on the beach and very casual occasions.  Of course, if you are contemplating on wearing sandals, make sure you have had your toes cleaned.  Go ahead and have your pedicure! You wouldn’t want to be wearing sandals with mangy-looking toes, in plain sight of everyone.

On the other hand, if you want to wear closed shoes with an edge, then boots should be your shoes of choice. They are best worn with skinny jeans or long or short dresses.  Women searching for boots should go for those that do no cut the thickest point of their leg.  Something that ends just below the knee would be very sexy, although some find ankle boots fashionable.

Of course, if you are an office girl, you need to select a whole lot of pumps from the collection of wholesale women’s shoes. The wise thing to do would be top get three colors: a pair of black ones, a pair of nude ones, and a pair of brown ones. These colors are supposed to be very complementary toward any kind of office outfit.

There you go! Be on the lookout for these kinds of shoes when you go shoe shopping and have a grand time.

Get Your Shoes Picture Perfect

For businesses dealing with wholesale shoes for women, you should know that how your merchandise looks would greatly affect their movement. Some products, no matter how inferior they are, may still attract some consumers because of how well they photograph and are presented on a website. Let’s admit it, online shoppers are very visual, and if your merchandise doesn’t look good in pictures, there’s a huge chance your goods will get (virtual) cobwebs. Thus, you should really look into how good your shoes look in photos that will be posted in your website if you want to attract buyers.


Here are some tips on how to photograph your shoes perfectly:

Get the shoes’ texture right through proper lighting.

If you want to focus on selling most of your shoe inventory online, the first thing that you should have are really good pictures of your wholesale shoes products.  Of course, the easy way is to get the services of a professional photographer. However, the cost could be high so you can do it by yourself with your trusty point and shoot camera plus a few lighting accessories.  Having proper lighting will help in highlighting the shoes’ texture and material.  This way, your clients could easily identify if they are amenable to the kind of material that your shoes have. 

Exposure and shutter speed – what are those?

When we hear the terms exposure and shutter speed, we usually associate it with photography terms that we would rather not talk about. However, these are two important terms that you need to learn when you plan to doing the shoe shots at home. It is best to get the balance of the two depending on your studio environment.  The lighting would play a great role on getting the balance.  Being exposed too long and you might have a picture that is too bright, a shutter speed that is fast might render a dark picture of your product.

Which works – busy or monochrome backgrounds?

In order to put emphasis on your product, it would be best to go for monochrome backgrounds. Get the one that would be in contrast with the color of the shoe that you are taking a photo of.  Having a monochrome background would eliminate other items that might catch the attention of your viewers away from the product that is showcased.

To use a flash or not?

It is alright to use a flash if you place lacks proper lighting.   However, buy yourself a flash diffuser so that the light coming from the flash would spread evenly to your product and background.  Having a too bright a flash would not be good for a product picture.  There are affordable diffusers available from photography shops so you can ask the help of the sales people there.

The Right Footwear to the Office

While most offices these days are starting to adapt to a more lenient way of dressing, the norm is still formal office wear. This goes from head to foot, including shoes. So, for wholesale shoes for women, which among them should people wear when in the office? Which ones are inappropriate and should not be worn when you are working? Whether you’re just on your desk or having a power lunch with associates, there are certain kinds of footwear that should be avoided.


Here are some footwear you should avoid wearing to the office:

Sandals and open-toed shoes

Why Not: Wearing sandals does not look like you are going to the office, rather to the beach. Sandals are not meant for serious work as well and an open-toed footwear. People may think you are going to a party instead of a company for serious business.
What to Wear Instead: It would be better to wear closed shoes. Every part of the feet must be covered. No peak-a-boos for you to look that you mean serious business since you take your work seriously.


Why Not: If you are aiming for comfort, you cannot go with sneakers. It would look juvenile, your co-workers may think you just got lost and ended up in their company as opposed to being a member of it.
What to Wear Instead: Wear pumps or flats if you really want comfort. They would provide a look of sophistication that cannot be reached when you wear a pair of sneakers. Pumps with just the right height would not be too uncomfortable even if you are to run around the office, same with ballet flat shoes.



Why Not: Office shoes must look sturdy with all the work you do from 9 to 5. Since trainers proved to be the sturdiest when one undergoes training, it does not mean that you should wear it to the office as well.
What to Wear Instead: If you are looking for something durable as well as comfortable, leather shoes are what you truly need for office work. Leather shoes are not cheap so better take advantage of wholesale shoes to acquire more than one pair of office friendly shoes for your office needs.

Anything in loud colors

Why Not: Wearing a ruby red pair of shoes or anything considered loud like hot pink or iridescent blue does not look professional. Those colors do not belong in an office. Women should look polished and ready for serious work but not for a different type of job that shouts red-light district.
What to Wear Instead: It would be better to wear earth toned shoes that would look good with a dress suit or semi-formal attire. Colors like brown, grey, dark red, dark green, and black would be acceptable colors for office shoes.

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Making Your Shoes Always as Good as New

Shoes, whether you buy wholesale shoes online, the trendiest releases of branded ones, or those you buy because you just need a new pair for work, need to be taken care of. Even if you are not exactly a shoe-a-holic, wearing shoes that look sloppy and ugly are a fundamental no-no.   Entire outfits, no matter how well put-together they are, even if they are designer and of the highest quality, will suffer if the shoes that goes with it are unkempt. Whether they are dirty or the material is chipping, scruffy shoes will always destroy a look. So, you need to know how to take good care of your pairs and let allow them to enhance your attire.candy-shoes

Here are the fundamental steps in making sure your shoes stay as beautiful as they day you bought them.

  • Replacing heel tips

Aside from the sole, the heel tips are another part of the shoe that always comes into contact with the ground. When you see signs of wear and tear on the heel tips, it is best to have them replaced right away.  If not, you can ask your shoe repairman to attach “taps” on the heels to add a layer of protection between the heels and the ground.  This will help in maintaining your heel tips and making it last long.

  • Protecting soles

The soles of most wholesale shoes are the first ones to give way when the shoes are frequently used.  Just like car tires, the soles are your main contact points with the ground so they get easily ruined.  Adding a rubber sole protector on the soles of the shoes will definitely help in prolonging its life. It is a thin rubber layer that you place on the soles to protect it from daily wear and tear.

  • Should you polish or not?

If you want to care for your leather shoes, then polishing it is a must.  Aside from keeping the shoes looking like new every time you apply a polish, it helps in moisturizing the leather making it flexible.  Walking using a pair of shoes with flexible leather makes the shoes more comfortable to use.  It also helps in covering and repairing the damage caused by daily wear and tear when you use it.

  • How to get rid of dirt

Cleaning your shoes is a must if you want it to last long. It should be done on a regular basis depending on how frequent you use it.  The method of cleaning it really depends on the material of the shoes that you have.  If you bought your shoes from the leather wholesale shoes sale, then it should be wiped clean with a dry cloth first before applying the polish.  For suede shoes, it can be brushed with its special brush or a clean toothbrush for that fresh new look.